These dates show when I sent the update to Apple; Apple typically releases to the public a week later.

Version 2.0.8, 3/31/122

- Fixed the initial display when the app is launched in landscape orientation.

- Updated for iOS 15.

Version 2.0.7, 10/2/16

- Updated for iOS 10.

Version 2.0.6, 10/27/15

- Fixed some incorrectly aligned hotspots used for positioning items on the washboard.

Version 2.0.5, 9/30/15

- Fixed a crash when using the party lights on iOS 9.

Version 2.0.4, 7/24/15

- Fixed display glitches on iOS 8.

- Added a setting to hide the status bar on an iPad running iOS 7, to avoid swiping to show the Notification Center.

Version 2.0.3, 1/8/13

- Updated the MIDI functionality to send a note-off message after every note-on message.

Version 2.0.2, 10/14/12

- Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

Version 2.0.1, 3/19/11

- Updated graphics for the new iPad's Retina Display.

Version 2.0, 1/24/11

- Rewrote the audio processing code to reduce latency and avoid volume issues.

- Adjusted the audio settings to play even if the device is muted.

- Corrected an error where audio could stop after using audio in another app, such as making a phone call or using Siri.

- Added a Settings window with options to send MIDI notes for each instrument. When selected, the app sends a MIDI note-on message for each part of the washboard or each attached instrument that you tap. You can enter custom note numbers for each instrument, or tap the Restore Defaults button to load a default set of note numbers. The app still plays audio when sending MIDI, but you can turn down your device volume to avoid hearing it. The Settings window only appears for devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

Version 1.1.1, 4/5/11

- Eliminated the delay when tapping the metal part of the washboard.

Version 1.1, 2/20/11

- Added iPhone / iPod touch interface -- you can now run the Washboard app on all Apple devices.

Version 1.0.3, 5/3/10

- Improved washboard sound when scrubbing quickly.

Version 1.0.2, 4/4/10

- Allowed moving and rotating an instrument at the same time.

- Smoothed out display transition when changing device orientation.

Version 1.0.1, 3/29/10

- Initial release.